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Carolina Color at Pack Expo 2017:

NC Congressman visits Carolina Color:

Carolina Color in the White House:

Carolina Color's G2 and G3 product lines now proven for Wire and Cable:
Wire and Cable.pdf

Carolina Color launches new Ultraopaque line for Nylons and Engineered Resins:

Carolina Color announces new Ultracolortint Product Line, compatible with a wide range of Clear Resins:

Carolina Color's G3 letdown ratio impresses major plastic cups molder to make the switch:

Carolina Color's G3 can load dyes at up to 43% for our polystyrene foam-packaging customers:

Carolina Color's G3 a great fit for the Medical Equipment Market:
CCC G3 for Medical.pdf

Dr. Ron's new video tells ALL about Carolina Color's new G3 - "It's a Game Changer!":

Carolina Color's new G3 Eliminates Slip Agent Failure and Overall Cost when compared to Liquid:

Dr. Ron explains Carolina Color's "Three Business Pillars":

Carolina Color's G2 makes news as a highly effective solution for re-pigmenting recycled resin:

Carolina Color's G3 produces impressive results in a blow molded bottle test:

Carolina Color's President, Jeff Smink, wins 2016 Leadership Award:

Carolina Color provides innovative solutions for masterbatch delivery with LIAD Weighing and Control Systems:

Carolina Color's new G3 product will help with your processing headaches while reducing costs, gives you increased plastic color options:

Carolina Color in Plastics Today:

And in Plastics News, our new G3 product had gotten some nice coverage:  PlasticsNewsArticle.pdf
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Carolina Color develops G3 colorant with pigment loadings that eclipse all other colorant technology:

Carolina Color announces a new concentrate designed specifically for Nylon applications:

Carolina Color's CEO named to National Association of Manufacturers' Executive Committee:

Carolina Color's CEO honored, sworn in as Trustee on Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Board:

Carolina Color Corporation's patented G2 color line continues to fuel growth:

Incorporating recycled materials a snap for Carolina Color's G2 line:

Outdoor durable products embrace Carolina Color's G2:

Pearl Color no problem for Ice Breakers with Carolina Color and G2:

Skippy fuels their market with G2:

Carolina Color's G2 for Caps and Closures:
Carolina Color's UltraPET Concentrate is made for tinted parts and VIVID colors in PET Applications:
This is our new G2 Brochure:

This is our new Flyer:
 CCC Flyer.pdf

Here are some pictures of what our customers are doing with Carolina Color's products lately:
No, not the candy, the package.

You can put a lot of trash in these rolling bins: